8. And Experience the Joy of Pain-Free Movement

1. More Than
a Physical Therapist

2. I Am The Human Performance Mechanic

3. The Human Body is a Perfect Machine

4. Machines Get Out of Balance

5. Pain Is a Symptom of a Body Out of Balance

6. It takes a Human Performance Mechanic to Diagnose The Imbalance

7. It Takes a Human Performance Mechanic to Return Your Body to Balance

Welcome to the Human Performance Mechanic, where my mission is to help you Experience The Joy Of Pain-Free Movement®

Who is The Human
Performance Mechanic?


Founder/Owner, Performance Enhancement Specialist & Clinical instructor

I believe the human body is a perfect machine. It’s a machine that is programmed to naturally coordinate its many moving parts to work in unison to maintain its equilibrium and optimize its performance. It isn’t however programmed to recognize an imbalance to self-correct. For a machine it takes a special mechanic to recognize any imbalances and provide solutions to return it to equilibrium and optimum performance.

That is why I consider myself more than a Physical Therapist. I am The Human Performance Mechanic. I like to think of my rehab and performance colleagues as human performance mechanics as well who want to learn more about the Human Body, ways the Human Body maintains its balance and how we can help optimize its performance.

Pain is a symptom of our bodies or minds out of balance. As a rehab specialist instead of treating the pain, I try to discover where the imbalance is that is causing the pain and then fix the imbalance.

As a performance specialist, I incorporate exercises that keeps the body in balance while helping my clients become bigger and stronger and achieving their performance goals.

As The Human Performance Mechanic, I am trained and committed to helping all my patients and clients experience The Joy of Pain-Free Movement.

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Nick's 3 Guiding Principles


Balance is the Key to a Healthy, Pain-Free Life


Pain is a Symptom of a Body Out of Balance​


Nothing Good Happens Without
a Consistent Strong Effort

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Our formula can help you experience the joy of pain-free movement.


Determining the cause of your pain

Whole body assessments can provide answers to why you’re in pain or experiencing a decrease in performance.


Cutting Edge Solutions

From years of rehab and training expertise, information from the assessment will drive the solutions process using some of the best evidence-based technologies and treatment plans on the planet.



Rome wasn’t built in a day…and nothing strong ever is! Following through with any plan is crucial to your long-term goals – whether they be rehab or performance-based. I’m here to help keep you accountable and achieve your goals!


Steph V-SSteph V-S
17:38 09 Nov 22
I'm an Olympic athlete, training for the Pan-American Games in 2023.Dr. Nick Rolnick helped me previously with a knee issue and and I didn't think twice as to who to look at me when I developed shoulder pain.He's direct and gets straight to the point which I really appreciate. He did a screening to see what was going on and guided me through some exercises. After he prescribed me some homework exercises and they've been doing the job really well. A very personable guy who is dedicated to applying scientific research and his experiences accordingly. Highly recommend.
Matthew FrohlingerMatthew Frohlinger
22:16 25 Oct 22
Nick is an amazing trainer, and incredibly knowledgeable about the human body from a holistic perspective. He was a huge help in building strength when I struggled on my own.
Mike LefkowitzMike Lefkowitz
22:01 09 Oct 22
Nick is a brilliant physical therapist who patiently provided me with one on one, customized and focused care, teaching me how to properly rebuild, and also gave me the confidence to restart weight training.
Vitaly (PT, DPT)Vitaly (PT, DPT)
12:18 08 Oct 22
Dr. Rolnick is zero to none In the world of rehab and performance! Not only did he help rehab my ACL both pre and post-op, but he introduce the magical world of Blood Flow Restriction to me and my practice. A combination of brain and braun, Nick bridges the gap between academia and clinical knowledge while still having a great personality and winning presence. As a physios myself, I would highly recommend!!
Bob MikulenkaBob Mikulenka
23:15 07 Sep 22
Nick Rolnick and his vast understanding of the human body allowed me to retain/regain strength and range of motion with stretches and exercises.Our initial work was pre-hab for a scheduled total hip replacement. Within 2 visits and assigned stretches, my pain and discomfort were gone. Now I start each day with these stretches and have postponed indefinitely the THR.Shortly after we began with the hip, I had shoulder surgery which repaired some previous rotator cuff work and required more physical therapy. In the course of 8 weeks Nick gave me back the ability to use my arm and shoulder again with confidence, using properly developed strength and form.Nick is an amazing therapist and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
Itay SopherItay Sopher
23:17 16 Jun 22
There are not enough stars to describe the service I got. I went to many physical therapists due to my shoulder injury…just by the questions he asked and the assessment he did…I knew Nick is a professional and guess what I was not wrong..after a few sessions I felt much better and already got a big majority of my range of motion back…very recommended.
anand punjabianand punjabi
21:12 10 May 22
My experience of working with NICK is great. It barely took him couple of session to pin point what tennis movements were causing my Shoulder and Neck pain. It’s been close to a month now and my pain has completely subsided thanks to Nick. He is truly a fantastic mechanic of the human body.
Zach DavisZach Davis
14:22 29 Apr 22
I have shoulder instability and have experienced multiple dislocations that have left me unable to enjoy many activities that use my right shoulder. I had previously went to other healthcare professionals who recommended surgery - something I didn’t really want to pursue.  I’ve been working with Nick for almost two years now and he has transitioned me from where I was apprehensive to move my shoulder to a bodybuilding program. My dislocations are extremely rare now and when they happen, I bounce back much quicker with Nick’s help. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him. Highly recommend.
Thomas NeyarapallyThomas Neyarapally
15:21 19 Feb 22
I’ve worked with Nick for over a year now. I originally came in with chronic back and knee issues related to my prior history of marathon running and other sports. In working with Nick, we integrated a stepwise and systematic approach to not only address the back issues but also the knee issues through specific exercises. While I still have some knee pain that we’re addressing, my back pain has gone from restrictive to essentially non-existent, and does not prevent me from tennis or running The results with Nick have been game changing and substantially beyond those I’ve achieved with other specialists in the past. I highly recommend checking him out.

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