1. More Than
a Physical Therapist

2. I Am The Human Performance Mechanic

3. The Human Body is a Perfect Machine

4. Machines Get Out of Balance

5. Pain Is a Symptom of a Body Out of Balance

6. It takes a Human Performance Mechanic to Diagnose The Imbalance

7. It Takes a Human Performance Mechanic to Return Your Body to Balance

8. And Experience the Joy of Pain-Free Movement

Welcome to the Human Performance Mechanic, where my mission is to help you Experience The Joy Of Pain-Free Movement®

Who is the Human
Performance Mechanic?


Founder/Owner, Performance Enhancement Specialist & Clinical instructor

I believe the human body is a perfect machine. It’s a machine that is programmed to naturally coordinate its many moving parts to work in unison to maintain its equilibrium and optimize its performance. It isn’t however programmed to recognize an imbalance to self-correct. For a machine it takes a special mechanic to recognize any imbalances and provide solutions to return it to equilibrium and optimum performance.

That is why I consider myself more than a Physical Therapist. I am The Human Performance Mechanic. I like to think of my rehab and performance colleagues as human performance mechanics as well who want to learn more about the Human Body, ways the Human Body maintains its balance and how we can help optimize its performance.

Pain is a symptom of our bodies or minds out of balance. As a rehab specialist instead of treating the pain, I try to discover where the imbalance is that is causing the pain and then fix the imbalance.

As a performance specialist, I incorporate exercises that keeps the body in balance while helping my clients become bigger and stronger and achieving their performance goals.

As The Human Performance Mechanic, I am trained and committed to helping all my patients and clients experience The Joy of Pain-Free Movement.

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Our formula can help you experience the joy of pain-free movement.


Determining the cause of your pain

Whole body assessments can provide answers to why you’re in pain or experiencing a decrease in performance.


Cutting Edge Solutions

From years of rehab and training expertise, information from the assessment will drive the solutions process using some of the best evidence-based technologies and treatment plans on the planet.



Rome wasn’t built in a day…and nothing strong ever is! Following through with any plan is crucial to your long-term goals – whether they be rehab or performance-based. I’m here to help keep you accountable and achieve your goals!


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